The adventure

The adventure of L’érable à son Meilleur began in 1989. Already, the family sugar shack of Lac-Drolet had the desire to develop tasty products and the unconditional support of the population. Truly passionate, in 2003, the team of the L’érable à son Meilleur has begun its work of research and development in order to create alcoholic beverages based of maple syrup. It is so, because the sugar shacks abound in the region.

Therefore, it was necessary to find an innovative project to differentiate ourselves from the competition. In 2007, the ideas are clear enough to justify major investments for the construction of a new building and the acquisition of new equipment used in the manufacture of wine. Thanks to these modern facilities, in 2008, the L’érable à son Meilleur was finally ready to market its original and innovative products. In 2010, we added a new product, the Frasyl, of which we are proud.

To follow, L’érable à son Meilleur plans to open its doors to visitors, in particular adding a room for interpretation, tastings and hiking trails. Everything will be in place in order to accommodate a whole new clientele eager to experiment with uncommon flavors and to deepen its knowledge. It will be the perfect outlet for active families, which are always pleased to learn more about the wealth that surround us. Here is the maple culture at your reach. A story to follow in your sugar shack!

The Frasyl